I was one of those mums who was so busy that I was struggling for air, but was also lost as to how to do anything differently.

I desperately wanted to be a good mum, I desperately wanted to feel like I was contributing financially, I desperately wanted to feel something outside of #beingmum, but I wasn’t sure who that person was, as the pre-kids me was long gone.

My life had become this soul-sucking busy autopilot of to do’s and playgroups and feeling inadequate.

How was I ever going to move forward?

I was always stressed. On the outside I just looked busy, but on the inside anxiety was eating me alive. I pulled further and further away from my husband and just lived and breathed getting through each day. I was just existing and I was exhausted.

I was losing precious moments with my children in the busyness, riddled with mom guilt, suffering from adrenal fatigue because of the anxiety and so overwhelmed I was suffocating.

Sound familiar?

Thankfully, I discovered a way forward. I made the decision to become a Life Coach and in doing so started to give each area of my life focus, in manageable steps, and get clarity over the things that were making me really unhappy. With the support of my own coach

I made the changes I needed to:
– Shift quickly out of overwhelm
– Redesign my schedule
– Identify what I actually believed was important to me
– Became friends with my fears
– Understood why I was putting all this pressure on myself
– Set goals in terms of living differently
– Designed a life where I was living on purpose

This happened across just 8 weeks. It took creating space and giving my complete commitment to working on the areas of my life that were uncomfortable, but after a couple of months the weight that had lifted left me floating on air. I finally started to enjoy my children and “defrost” on my husband!

Rather than me thinking I wasn’t achieving anything I could see the progress I was making in my days – I decluttered my whole house! Started easily getting the chores done, but in a manageable way. I had heaps more time and started purposefully working towards something outside of #beingmum all while rediscovering living in the moment.

Is that something you want in your life?

If so, I have good news. I’d like to help you design a life you love too.

And that’s why I created Design Your Life. I will walk you through EXACTLY the steps I took, so you can design a life you can shift from overwhelm into purpose.

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