Spring Clean Your Life

The trees are beginning to feel comfortable in their summer coats of green and the birds are in paradise drinking the sweet nectar from the blossoming flowers. Families are beginning to feel the anticipation of summer and are mowing lawns, clipping bushes, weeding vegetable patches and beginning the spring clean. We are doing exactly the same.

IMAG1197.jpgThe thing I am allowing myself to think about as I lose myself in the therapeutic task of cleaning and clearing is how, when you start to live the life you have designed for yourself, you realise how much of LIFE YOU’VE MISSED by previously living in a whirlwind of things that weren’t serving your happiness.

Things. I’ve always been a nostalgic lover of holiday memoirs, shells that smell like summer, anniversary cards and the like. I’m also terribly bad at saying no to gifted toys or getting rid of toys, even if the girls no longer play with them. This wasn’t a huge problem until I couldn’t get on top of my to do list and clutter just started growing everywhere! I was always trying to catch myself up  in terms of chores because I committed myself in too many directions, so there never seemed to be time to tidy up/organize/sort. There wasn’t even time for meaningful activities unless I had taken us out of our home to those facilitated by others and even then my head was in what I needed to get done when I got back.

So a really sad realization for me as I finally started to let go of this life of chaos to start living a life on purpose was that the majority of how I’d chosen to spend my time wasn’t serving my family’s happiness either, even though I thought it was. And the most ridiculous thing? My intention had been the opposite! I was doing all of it for them, but in doing that I forgot what I needed to do for me, so that my head was clear enough to efficiently plan my time.

TIME. It is one of the biggest burdens on a parent I think. Feeling like we’ve not got enough of it to get the stuff done we need to in a day, or too much of it sometimes when the day becomes long dealing with the arguments of siblings, witching hour or even just one too many imagination games and we feel ready to clock off.

However, one really important thing I learned from respected personal development coach, Jim Rohn is that no one has more or less hours in the day than anyone else, it is just how we choose to spend them that is different.


One of the key things in designing a life you love is time management. It is a key focus of my Design Your Life Ultimate Experience.  A simple concept when you break it down and learn some tools you can always go back to in the future when life tips out of balance.

One of the things my husband always says is that I am like the puppeteer of our family’s happiness. If I start the day in the wrong way it impacts everyone. This is a huge responsibility to carry on my shoulders and so I designed a morning routine that serves everyone, but especially me, so that I feel more empowered to own that role in a positive way now and start the day on the right foot.

It is too late to change the fact that my second daughter missed out so much of me because of the overwhelm I let consume me.  Just looking at all the photos I took of my first daughter today as I spring clean poignantly reminds me of all the moments I captured of her because I experienced being in them with her at the time they happened! A spring clean signifies a clean slate. A washing away of regret and feelings of ‘I could have done better’ to make space for intention to do better and live more.

What does your annual Spring Clean signify for you? What is your situation? What brought you to read this blog and what resonates with you from it?

I will look forward to hearing from you

Much love, Clare X X

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